Preparing the Ground to tackle the Annual Flood woes

The most exceptional things about the Flood in india is that one part of the country is under the deluge, while the remaining part  is looking at the Water crisis. The daily flood summary provided by different news agencies are over stuffed with multitude of number of Headlines like People killing, warning of rivers over danger mark, landslides, broken bridges, Rescue camps, Infrastructure destroyed etc. From the pre-monsoon season to the Current robust Season, most of the  part of the country struggled for the agricultural economy. Over the years India has been on the peaks of many floods, whether it is Chennai, kerala or Assam. When we speak about the consequences of this annual flooding, it is very catastrophic and the causes of it is almost the same everyyear. Most of the experts reckoned this deluge as an Human blunder, while others categorised it, as a failure by the Goverment, Administration, Rivers Dams Management, National and State disaster mangement etc. This year floods create havoc in the Assam and now it has become a annual affair. Lack of river linking and overall management are the main causes of this deluge. While one part of the country is under the flood while some are crippling with drought, how we can addressed this equilibrium of floods and drought, this the critical test for the Goverment to tackle. When we talk about the impact of Floods in india, it is too devasting as compare to the other kindoms, Indian is still on the developing phase and if floods everyyear, then it developing part is pointless, There are many Flood control projects and Schemes established by the Central goverment and Jal shakti ministry, but it is worth pointing out that in the recent floods many State goverment as the result of  hostile relation are unable to act on the desired schemes. Other facts about the Floods is that the more funds are Compensated than precautions, Why these cannot be utilised on its precautions alone early.  We cannot stop disaster but can arm ourself with knowledge so that we can save many lives. it is an act of God, but we should not completely leave it to God. The state should play an important role in addressing this deluge issue by cooperating with the Central goverment. The role of the population is too extensive, the unprepared population should be prepared in such a manner that everyone can play their equal hands in it. Now we as a country should learn from our past lesson and can increase resilence through planning, So that history should not be repeated again.

By Shoaib.Columns

Hi I am Shoaib , I used to write column for both National and State Newspapers, In this page I will share some of them

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