Suicide, Depression- A Public Health Crisis

Presently, We are witnessing deaths precipitously caused by Covid-19, but apart from it some Suicidal news has been in spotlights, which  jolted the entire Society . Suicide has been around for a long as human society, ranking among the top causes of death in all ages worldwide and continue to challenge our Collective wisdom. The young population of the country have became the Victims of the Depression which goaded them to Self destruction. Depression is the major causative factor of the Suicide and individual suffering from the depression are considered a high-risk group for Suicidal behavior, although the majority of person who has depression does not die by Suicide, having major depression does increase Suicide risk compared to person without depression. Suicide is the leading cause of death in the 15-39 yrs age group. 

Globally 1.5 million people die annually by Suicide. When we speak about India, India has the highest Suicidal rate in the South-East Asian region, a  report by the World health organisation WHO has revealed . Another study by WHO shows that 200 million people in India may suffer from depression, i.e. one in five people. No doubt we are the most depressed country in the World, as per WHO study.  Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Family welfare recently mentioned in a report that Women made more Suicide attempts, but it is the men, who die more.
There can be many reasons for Why mental health is not a things in India,  such as lack of education, Awareness, Ignorance, pressure, and main reasons is Family and Friends don’t want to listen. 
Suicide is often committed in response to a cause of depression, such as the cessation of the romantic relationship, serious illness or injury, the death of closed one, Financial problems or Bankruptcy ( Mostly committed by poor farmers), Drug abuse, Loneliness,  Concerns with gender identity and Educational stress.
 According to a data from the National Crime Records Bureau,  3.3% of suicide in India were due to Financial distress, bankruptcy and change in Economic status.The impact of the family member to a suicide, leaves at least six loved one devasted. This people tend to show signs of depression and often experience Suicidal thought while coping .
There are many Acts  and schemes established by the Government for minimizing the Mental related issues. The Mental Healthcare act of 2017 has additionally vouched to tackle stigma of Mental illness and it highly effective until now.
Suicide is a Multifaceted problem, and hence Suicide prevention and strategy should also be Multidimentional. Coordination and Commitment are needed to undertake this problem. It is impossible to avoid every Suicidal cases but it is possible . It is our obligation for being as a Friend, parents, Colleagues etc to  resist our closeone incase they are steping toward path of Self destruction.
There is need to better understand the reason behind the Suicide and concerted efforts should be taken to cut down this avertable loss of predominantly young lives.


By Shoaib.Columns

Hi I am Shoaib , I used to write column for both National and State Newspapers, In this page I will share some of them

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