The end of another Gender based inequality

A gender-equal Society would be one Where the word  “Gender” does not exist: Where everyone can be themselves. The importance of rectifying gender injustice and restoring women dignity in the parts of World is unquestionable.
  The supreme court Judgement on monday brought women army officer at equation with their male officer in all facet, this marked the end of another gender based inequality. The ruling now means that all women officers will now be on equation with men, when it comes to promotion, ranks, benefits and pensions. The ruling is now acclaimed as a big jump toward equality in the Army. As we remembered the Struggle in the courts began in 2003, when a PIL was filed before the Delhi high court for grant of permanent commission to women SSC officer in the Army. Another writ petition was filed by Major Leena Gorav on oct.16, 2006, challenging the terms and condition of service imposed by circular earlier that year and to seek permanent commission.
But in 2010, Delhi High court gave a judgement in favour of Women officer in 2010. After that the Apex court rejected all argument after consideration and emphasised the need to change the outlook about the equality to women in the armed services.The Article 14 again lifted into action to forbids the favouritism. As we know the Indian constitution is based on equality, abnegating opportunity to women was against ethos of the constitution.
From the recent judgement like Sabarimala temple, LGBTQ, to now we are now going toward an era of women empowerment and social equality and in demolishing the concept of inequality. This move has really have a impact on status of women officers in the Armed services .
  Although the Apex court had perfectly make out his work, now it is upto the Army to frame the roadmap that can equalized both men and women.
  by Shoaib Akhter

By Shoaib.Columns

Hi I am Shoaib , I used to write column for both National and State Newspapers, In this page I will share some of them

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